Artificial Sperm Insemination

Artificial Sperm Insemination

Sperm volume has been trussed to the self-image of a man for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Fertility, Virility and intensity have been trussed to the quantity of sperm and semen a man can produce since people first took notice in sex. It is also necessary in many instances to promote the sexual experience, making it more gratifying for the man and his spouse. While in most cases, workout can have a good effect on sperm volume. Below are some important tips needed to make more sperm.

1. Healthy body equals healthy sperm. Healthy sperm are produced as a result of healthy body. Every thing you already know that is beneficial or good for you is also good for your sperm. Keep a healthy weight, reduce tension, stop smoking, get enough rest, avoid or stop excessive alcohol and get some cardio exercise daily. Another thing which is usually neglected is hydration. Sperms are 98 per cent water, so keeping water volume high is very important for good sperm output.

2. Kegel Exercises. Kegel exercises are not just for women alone. Strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles or PC muscles, which are used to halt urine flow, is a big way to maximize the strength of organisms and control the timing of the discharge of semen. It is also the muscle you use to make the penis bob. To fortify these muscles you need to stop your urine midstream and sense the muscles used. Then after urination, repeat the workout and maintain it for three to five seconds. Work on these slowly, and then work your way up to be able to do 10 repetitions several times everyday.

By strengthening the PC muscles you can increase your sperm. Practice to control your ejaculation. If you are near to ejaculation, hold back and tighten the PC muscles.

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We all know that sperm plays a very important role in creating a new life. To become pregnant naturally, the couple should also look into all the vital factors that have a direct bearing on conception, like sperm quantity and quality. Low sperm count translates into difficulty in conceiving, or much worse, infertility. There are many men suffering from unhealthy sperm, low sperm count. Studies reveal that there must be at least 20 million sperms in every ml of semen. In this number, 75 percent must be alive and 30 percent should be of normal form and shape, and 25 percent should have a relatively satisfactory swimming speed. This shows the normal quantity and quality of sperms that have fertilizing capabilities.
If you have tried to become pregnant for some time without success, you must explore the possibility of having low sperm count.

Artificial Sperm Insemination

I have enumerated some of possible causes below: 1.Infected semen 2.Excessive alcohol consumption 3.Heat decreases sperm count. Avoid bathing in hot water, wearing tight underpants or being obese or overweight. 4.Repeated ejaculation 5.Increased masturbation 6.Zinc deficiency 7.Deformed genitals 8.Anabolic steroid use 9.Prostate gland disorders 10.Toxic pollutants Below are some home remedies to increase sperm count and become pregnant naturally: 1.Avoid alcohol and cigarettes 2.Try to exercise regularly.

Yoga is a good way to do exercise and relieve stress at the same time. 3.Avoid spicy, acidic and bitter foods. 4.If possible, maintain a 3-day gap between two consecutive ejaculations. 5.A great massage therapy with herbal oils improves blood circulation and boosts your chances of conceiving. 6.Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. 7.Maintain a healthy diet that consists of protein ric vegetables, whole grains and vitamins. 8.Make love in the morning and afternoon, when the sperm levels are at its highest. 9.Celery (best eaten raw) is known to have great properties that enhance sexual stimulation.
It has androsterone, an odor-free hormone that women find appealing. 10.Avocado, bananas and almond as well as other nuts also boost sexual desire. 11.Oysters are not only rich in zinc, it also increases testosterone and sperm production. For wannabe fathers who are worried about low sperm counts, try the tips mentioned above. Practicing yoga, for one, will not only help increase sperm production, it will also help you enjoy a healthier sex life.
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