Cause Abstinence

Is Abstinence a cause of Low Sperm Count?

Some people have misconception, that if they doing sex after a very long period such as after a five and six days, than it would give them more pleasure and extra sperm during sex but according some research and also our specialist, if they pausing sex more than two days so there sperms are being low and they having infertility problem, and also their partner will face the conceiving problem. Abstinence is a very common cause of low sperm and infertility of men.

If someone has already low sperm and also he waiting too long so it may become reduces his fertility and he decrees his chances to become a father.

Men who abstain from sex, thinking it will boost their sperm quality and help them conceive, so these are big mistake. So, two days are very good for fertility and sperm count.

Some people think that they are doing well to abstain too long and also this is the very best method of sex. But among the men with low sperm counts, abstaining for two days or more reduced both the motility of the sperm – how well it can swim to the egg – and a measure called the acrosome index, which reflects what proportion of the sperm have the necessary machinery to penetrate the egg.

They also looking at 1,800 semen samples from 900 men they found pausing from sex for no more than a day was best.

The men with normal sperm counts, the motility only began to decrease after 11 days of abstinence and the acrosome index hit its lowest after five days of abstinence.

After doing some research we collect a data of 20 men, the result is, that10 men doing sex after 7 days and 10 men doing sex within 2 days so there quality of sperm is much better than 7 days men. Some fertility clinics and sperm banks recommend three to five days abstinence. But according our specialists, this is too long for men with low sperm counts. So “The best they can do is being short in their abstinence.