Cause Adult Chickenpox

Is Adult chickenpox a cause of Low Sperm Count?

Yes, adult chickenpoxes are also the reason of low sperm and infertility of male. In the age of maturity, it’s become very dangerous, if peoples having chickenpox in his maturity level so it may directly affect in his sperm quality and as well as quantity. High fever and weakness are very unsafe for sexuality and it may decreases the sperm count also. These are Infectious diseases.

Chickenpox, can affect low sperm and male fertility in such ways:

The symptoms of chickenpox are very high fever and weaknesses so because of this high fever and weakness, it can temporarily decrease sperm production and the weakness can’t improve sperm very soon it take too much time. So now you know that how these diseases affect you. Some research proof that, sperm production returns too normal within 90 days after the fever ends.

This infectious disease may cause inflammation of the testicle (orchitis). And it’s become very unsafe for sexuality and this may result in testicular shrinkage (atrophy) and infertility. However, orchitis is most often associated with mumps or infection of the drainage tube of the testicle (epididymitis). But also some research proof that it’s rarely occurs from chickenpox.

Now you know the causes of chickenpox and if you take healthy and hygienic food such as fresh green vegetables, fruits, juices etc., you hate unclean things such as dirty place, cloths, unhygienic food & so on. You eat properly, live safely and you proper care of yourself than you never face this disease because this proper food save you and increases your sperm also. If this disease catches you than immediately take doctors’ advice so it may very helpful to your health.