Cause Smoking

Is Smoking a cause of Low Sperm Count?

It’s very natural and known by every body that smoking has a negative effect in women and as well as men, so it affects both male and female fertility. People linked this disease only in women but men are also played a very important role of this problem so we can’t blame only one person. A man who smokes, their sperm counts are half of those who are not smoking. It can decrease sperm count in men, making the sperm more sluggish, and it can increase the number of abnormal sperm.

Women who regular smoke, they are the main reason of their son’s low sperm or cut of their sperm and once he reaches adulthood, by almost half. They raise their risk of miscarriage and also they increase the time of conceive. They are not conceive healthy baby and the risk are also greater for delivering so the result would be the premature and low wait babies.

Man who smokes had significantly less seminal fluid, and a lower sperm count. So their sperm were swim too fast too early and they burn, before they reaching the egg. These regular smoking may create impact on human physiology, including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC may disrupt the way sperm swim, or it may block mechanisms designed to weed out malfunctioning sperm. THC also remained a very long period. Smoking may stop the fertility of men.

According a questionnaire, we found 30 mothers of men, a combination of twins and pairs of singleton brothers. Than they analysed, that how many mother’s smoking while their pregnancy, after they take their son’s sperm (aged 20-45 yrs). They also ask some question about, like current smoking, occupational history, month of birth, abstinence time, etc. They also took blood samples, which they analyzed for reproductive hormone levels.

Result, they compared to sons whose mothers didn’t smoke, sons whose mothers smoked more than 10 cigarettes per day while their pregnancy had, on average, a 45% to 50% reduction in sperm concentration, after adjusting for confounding variables. These men were 4.3 times more likely to have a sperm concentration beneath the WHO standard of 20 million per milliliter. Inhibin-B levels were suppressed and follicle-stimulating hormone levels up. So it means more smoking and lower sperm count.

It can proof that tobacco is the main reason of low sperm because its make by nicotine and polycyclic which are main cause of low sperm and infertility of men and as well as women.

We would advise to everyone, not too much smoke, and that would include women as well as men. Smoking is very dangerous for pregnant women. Studies have shown that smokers are 48% less fertile and require a much higher dose of fertility drugs if they opt for fertility treatments than non-smokers. So if they stopping smoking can produce noticeable results in days. In men, sperm count may increase by up to 900% while women are likely to get pregnant easier and faster.