Reasons You May Have Issues With Sperm Production

For men sperm production can be very difficult. Whereas women will produce eggs until they reached menopause, men can produce sperm until they die. However, daily activities for men may affect the sperm production process. If for any reason a man cannot produce sperm then conception of a child can be increasingly difficult. There are several factors that affect the sperm quality in a man. Sperm ability is one of the factors that affect sperm quality as well as concentration, morphology, speed, sub-fertility, and sperm count. If for any reason your production in any of these areas is hindered you may have problems conceiving a child.

The first factor, sperm mobility, is how the sperm moves in a man’s body. If you’re a sperm is healthy, more than 50% of those sperm are active only if 25% of the sperm are moving quickly in one direction. This enables the sperm to travel to a woman’s egg through the cervical canal, and then into the uterus. Once the sperm travels through the fallopian tubes they can then reach the eggs which will help to start a new life. Concentration refers to the number of sperm cells in a particular amount of semen. Most men have 22 million sperm cells per milliliter which is quite significant.

Morphology is the third factor in sperm production. This is how the sperm looks in relation to what it should look like. That simply means that if the sperm is shaped like a tad pole then chances are it is holding the genetic material and energy that can produce a child. If a sperm cell is oddly shaped then chances are it will not be able to fertilize an egg.

The fourth factor, speed, can affect the sperm quality as well. More than 25% of sperm will be able to move forward through a woman to fertilize the egg. If they do not have the speed needed then they will die out before reaching the egg. Another factor, sperm count, is extremely vital in sperm production. This refers to the amount of sperm cells you have in the semen that is ejaculated. With over 50 million sperms in a normal male, if there are any less than 40 million it may indicate that you are somewhat infertile.

The final factor is sub-fertility. This is when even after a year of trying; a couple is unable to reach conception. This is different from infertility because it doesn’t mean that you cannot produce sperm, it means that you are having difficult with all of the previous factors. This could be because of injuries to your testicles, low hormone production, past illnesses, or side effects of medications that you are on.

By increasing the volume of your ejaculation, you may be able to increase your production of sperm and overall fertility. This can be done in two ways. First, by taking an herbal supplement that contains Zinc and amino acids. Amino acids in particular are believed to increase your fluid, whereas Zinc improves the quality and quantity of the sperm produced. The second way is through Kegel exercises that help your orgasms last longer, therefore increasing sperm volume.