Sperm Boost

We all know that this topic is not commonly talked about even by couples, which is why we have listed some simple tips to help us ejaculate more sperm. Sperm count is very important especially when we are already planning to become parents. Another obvious reason for this is to simply impress our partners.

Sperm Boost

There are actually a lot of ways to help us produce more sperm than necessary. If we try to search the internet we will find tons of supplements and pills that promised to increase our semen production. However, we all need to be careful before taking in any of these supplements as some may harm our health.

Another way to help us ejaculate more sperm is by eating foods that are rich in zinc. It is believed that zinc plays an important role when it comes to sperm production. Examples of food which are enriched with zinc are celery, oysters, and poultry products.

Increasing the intake of water also helps in how to increase seminal volume. When we get dehydrated there is also a tendency that our sperm count will decrease incredibly. We need to sure that our water intake is at least 8 glasses of water each and every day. During exercise, we need to increase our water intake more as we lose a lot of water during this time.

We all do not want to abstain from sex, however if we wish to produce more seminal fluid, then abstinence is one of the most effective way to do it. This is because our sperm also needs to be created and if we abstain from making love or masturbating; the next time we have sex we had produced more sperm. Also during this time, we must also relax and get a good rest. This will help us make it more intense as well.

Lastly, avoiding too much caffeine and smoking can lead to better and bigger ejaculation. It is common knowledge that smoking is bad for our health particularly for our male hormones. This is also one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction.