Sperm Volume Pills Review


I don’t enjoy watching pornography because my ejaculations are never like the ones the porn stars have. They shoot massive amounts of semen everywhere, and I just spit out a few pathetic droplets. I am admitting this quite freely for a few reasons, but mostly because I’ve written this review under my pen name, if you can call it that. I don’t feel that this leaves me with any vulnerabilities.

The pills come with a 67 day money back guarantee, and though it is an odd period of time (67 days?), it did give me a bit of confidence when ordering. I ordered three months of Semenax (for just over $150), fully intending to return them within the 67 days if I didn’t see any kind of change.

So what happened?

About three weeks into the pills (which are taken one daily) I hadn’t experienced any changes, and though I was getting quite frustrated, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. After all, this pill came off as kind of a “wonder pill”, and when something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Right around a month into taking them I began to notice some changes, though, and I couldn’t initially credit them to the pills. I had just begun seeing a new woman, and our sex life was just getting started. Though I was initially apprehensive about being sexual with her, I knew that I would have to eventually. Amazingly, things worked out so much better than I imagined.

The first time that her and I did anything together, my ejaculation was ridiculous! She actually commented that she had never seen so much semen at once. I laughed it off, but every time her and I got involved, that’s what happened.


She thought it was hot, and I just smiled. I knew in the back of my head that only one thing had changed, and I couldn’t believe that these pills were actually working. By the time I had been taking them for 7 weeks I had completely forgotten about their guarantee- I didn’t need, or want, to take them up on it.

So, In Conclusion

Look, you don’t take these pills unless you fully intend to start having massive ejaculations. I’m not talking big, but massive; huge; gigantic! It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that you will be shooting semen like a super soaker shoots water!

But I really do recommend them, not just because they work, but because everyone around you will know that they work. Your girlfriend (or boyfriend) won’t even know what hit them, and there’s something strangely erotic (and borderline humorous) about seeing them covered in a big gooey mess of semen. I get a kick out of it every time.

My girlfriend calls me her little porn star. I prefer “King Kong”, but hey, whatever works.

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