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Azoospermia is the term used to describe a lack of sperm present in the seminal fluid. The lack of sperm can be due to either obstructive or non-obstructive reasons.

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Obstructive azoospermia means that the sperm are being produced by the testes but there is a physical reason that the they are not reaching the seminal fluid. This obstruction could be because of a vasectomy, epididymal scarring from a previous infection, congenital absence of vas or badly performed hernia surgery. Vasectomies are able to be reversed with a 90% success rate.

Until recently, if the physical blockage could not be successfully repaired there would be no way a man with no sperm could become a father. Now, however the sperm can be removed from the testes via a procedure known as MESA – microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration. The sperm are removed and inserted into the eggs of the female in an in vitro fertilisation procedure.

The most common cause of non-obstructive azoospermia is a genetic disorder known as Klinefelter’s Syndrome. Characteristics of this syndrome include infertility, small firm testes and abnormal male breast development. Klinefelter’s Syndrome occurs because there is an extra chromosome present – instead of the normal X and Y chromosomes, there is an extra X chromosome.

At one time it was thought that men with Klinefelter’s Syndrome would be unable to father a child but recently it has been found that they have a small number of sperm present in the testes. These sperm too, as in the case of obstructive azoospermia can be retrieved using microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration meaning men with Klinefelter’s Syndrome can go on to become fathers of healthy, normal children.

Don’t think this is a taboo subject, for sperm donation is an essential service that is necessary to help those who can not have children themselves. Sperm donation is an encouraged choice and, like blood donation, is carried out in medically controlled circumstances and by qualified personnel.

It’s all private and anonymous too – you perform in private and deliver in your own time, and your sperm is kept for future recipients who may wish to access a sperm bank for the purpose of fertilization.

Sperm banks are nationally controlled and administered services that hold sperm for users, although there are some private organizations that perform the same service – in both cases privacy is absolutely guaranteed.

Whereas in the past the donation of sperm may have been held very much as the domain of the dirty Mac brigade, there is no perversion involved in the act of giving sperm – it is a service you are providing, after all.

Volume Sperm

Think of it as giving someone else a helping hand and the charitable aspects come to the fore – as does the fact that you are getting paid!

Sperm donations can be given on a regular basis, and the pay can be very lucrative; this is a popular way of earning extra money among the likes of students and the low paid, and with only an initial test for fertility required is a painless and trouble free way of guaranteeing a regular extra income.

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