Your Sperm Reproduction Count

Low sperm count is the inability to produce quality sperm. In other words, low sperm count is one of the fertility challenge that affect men who have been trying to get their wives pregnant. Every man is expected to produce sperm that can fertilise the female egg but if the sperm produced by a male is below normal conditions, it is known as “Oligospermia.”

Here are some of the known causes responsible for Oligospermia

· Wearing tight underpants, sitting in the hot-tub for long hours, taking hot water baths and being obese (over weight).
· Infected semen
· Smoking and too much alcohol intake
· Constant masturbation
· Zinc deficiency
· Malformed genitals
· Over exerting the body, physically and mentally
· Prostrate gland infections
· Exposure to toxic pollutants
· Bad eating habits (eating fast and over processed foods)

Several Ways to Boost Sperm Count

Low sperm count can be easily treated using the following methods:

Eating healthy and nutritious food – frequent consumption of over processed food (mostly found in fast food restaurants) contributes to the decrease of sperm count In order to boost it make sure you eat foods that are rich in Vitamins and also make sure you eat lots of natural food as much as possible. Avoid foods that are acidic in nature, bitter and spicy.

Great sperm count boosting foods include: celery (uncooked), bananas, oysters, avocado pears, almonds etc. Go easy on the caffeine – caffeinated drinks are known to decrease sperm count over a long period of time. Drink plenty of water – drinking lots of water. It also keeps you healthy as well. Drinking water is also one of the cheapest ways

Quit habits such as smoking and drinking – smoking has no positive effects on the human system and alcohol intake (even if it is just two glasses) can affect the quality of sperm Your best bet is to desist from these un-wholesome habits.

Avoid anything that will stress you emotionally – everyone goes through an emotional period which affects the production of quality sperm. Try as much as possible to keep your mind clear of emotional baggage and your entire body will benefit from this too. Feelings of depression and emotional stress are known to affect the production of quality sperm You can take up yoga, which is very good stress relieving exercise.

Massage – undergoing massage therapy (using herbal oils) can help increase blood circulation which is good to treat Oligospermia.

Undergarments – do not wear underpants that are too tight, give the testicles some room to breathe.

Exercise – regular exercise can help you shed excess weight and boost sperm count

Your Sperm Reproduction Count

Have sex and do not make masturbating a frequent habit – because your semen becomes less dense if you continue to ejaculate more often (through masturbation). Preserve a three day gap between two successive ejaculations in order not to end up with a low sperm count.

Take nutritional supplements – There are lots of nutritional supplements that can help boost sperm count some of which include:

· Zinc supplements – raises testosterone levels and increase low sperm count
· Vitamins C, B12, and E supplements – are used to boost sperm count and to improve the quality of sperm production and protect the sperm from damage.

· Arginine supplements – research has shown that arginine supplements can be used to increase sperm count and improve fertility in infertile men.

· Carnitine supplements – helps sperm cells function normally and help men who suffer from low sperm quality normalise sperm motility.

· Coenzyme Q10 supplements – research has shown that taking 10 milligram of coenzyme for about two weeks will boost low sperm count.